Carcass preparation

Carcass inspection

a proper inspection of culled animals minimises the risk of diseased or contaminated carcasses entering the food chain.

Carcass inspection2

Procedure in the larder

Hygiene principles

Reducing the potential of a food hygiene hazard covers the whole process from culling through to processing and transportation.

Gralloching 1

the initial stages of preparing a carcass immediately after the deer has been shot and death confirmed.

Gralloching 2

Initial stages of preparing a carcass (cont'd), together with inspection, disposal of waste, extraction and data recording

Lardering 1

the various stages involved in the lardering process to enable efficient and simple carcass processing and minimise the risk of contamination

Lardering 2

The various stages involved in the lardering process (continued): pelvic area and legs

Lardering 3

The various stages involved in the lardering process (continued): hanging; removing the pluck; removing the head; butcher weight; storage & security; dressing a carcass in the field


Provides practical guidance on how to systematically skin a deer whilst minimising contamination of the carcass

Butchering 1

The aim of this guide is to provide a basic introduction to venison butchery covering the primal breakdown of a venison carcass

Butchering 2

Further guidance on butchering a carcass: splitting the aitch bone; breakdown of the hindquarters

Butchering 3

Further guidance on butchering a carcass: haunch preparation

Larder hygiene

To provide practical guidance on how to achieve a hygienic environment within which to larder carcasses

Venison supply 1

An outline of the appropriate legislation associated with the supply of venison, together with information on ways to add value and maximise profit through venison sales

Venison supply 2

Guidance for stalkers supplying in-skin carcasses to others ( not to an Approved Game Handling Establishment)”

Larder design

to outline the basic design and equipment specifications for a larder used to dress and store deer carcasses

Handling Exceptional Numbers of Carcasses

An outline of some of the key factors to consider when planning and undertaking the handling of large numbers of carcasses

Trophy preparation

Providing practical guidance on the preparation of trophy heads

Trophy Head Mount Preparation

Describing  the skinning or ‘caping’ process required to produce a full-head trophy mount