People/ resources

Risk Assessment

Assessment of risks, with measures and controls

Health & Safety

Health & Safety issues and the activities these cover

Lyme disease 1

Raising awareness of Lyme disease and methods of prevention

Lyme disease 2

Raising awareness of Lyme disease (cont'd), including a post-infection condition, termed “Post-Lyme Syndrome”

Working with clients

Providing clients with a high quality deer management experience

Letting stalking

identifying different models of letting deer stalking

Deer Management Groups

the working principles behind Deer Management Groups (DMGs) and what they do

Public Access

the legal aspects of managing public access and how to encourage cooperation between everyone

Public Signage

The use of signage to manage public access together with sign templates

Assessment & Support

How to assess whether you are operating to Best Practice, and identify training opportunities to address any...

Lone working

Deer managers working alone require specific information on Health and Safety


Guidance on training: who is it aimed at; associated responsibilities; benefits; identifying and sourcing training...