Shot placement 1

the anatomy of deer and consequences of bullet damage when placing shots must achieve rapid death and minimise suffering

Shot placement 2

the disparity in size between large and small deer has a significant influence on shot placement.

Reaction & Follow Up

The response of a deer to being shot will vary depending on the physical and behavioural condition of the animal and where the bullet has struck it in the body.

Humane dispatch

the most appropriate procedures for the humane dispatch of injured deer

Humane dispatch2

Specialist alternative methods; Dispatching DVC injured deer; Carcass removal

Use of dogs

to provide information on how trained dogs can be used to aid deer management. The guide also seeks to identify various blood tracking training methods whilst identifying when and how dogs should be used.

Use of dogs2

(continued from previous) most cases the deer will be found dead within 10-100m of the initial shot. Some mortally shot and wounded deer can go significantly further

High seats

This guide provides information on types, siting and use of high seats and deer hides, commonly known as doe boxes

Team culling

The effectiveness of a cull operation may be increased by several rifles and support staff working as a team. The purpose of this guide is to describe factors to be considered when planning and implementing a team culling operation, whilst ensuring that safety and deer welfare standards are maintained.

Mechanical & manual extraction

Where carcasses are being extracted, the aim is to use the most appropriate method available, whilst ensuring safety of the operator, food safety, and taking into account environmental impacts and potential longer-term implications

Mechanical & manual extraction2

(continued) Employers who provide their employees with sit-in vehicles are required to minimise the risk of injury to operatives from the rolling over of such vehicles under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 19981.

Extraction by pony (1)

Safety considerations, Pony, Handler, Equipment

Extraction by pony (2)

Loading a pony

Helicopter support

The aim of this guide is to provide information and guidance on the potential uses of helicopters to assist in deer management activities.