deer managers need to consider undertaking habitat impact assessment using baselines and habitat trends over time...

Principles in practice

establishing a habitat monitoring baseline and plots and what other factors to consider.


how to go about analysing and interpreting the data collected to see which way the habitat is ‘going’.


Native semi natural woodland includes a range of  species such as Scots pine, silver and downy birch, sessile oak...

Dwarf shrub heath

methods of assessing Dwarf Shrub Heath relevant to deer managers

Blanket bog

assessing Blanket Bog habitats

Flushes and springs

methods of assessment for flushes and springs

Willow scrub

methods of assessing Willow Scrub habitat

Tall herbs

methods of assessing Tall Herbs habitat relevant to managers

Woodland Damage: Recognition of Cause(1)

Woodlands may be susceptible to a number of damaging agents. Identifying the cause of damage an early stage is...

Woodland Damage: Recognition of Cause(2)

(cont'd) ...recognising causes of damage