WDBP Future

During the merger of DCS with SNH in August 2010 the position of WDBP Officer was identified as a short term appointment for a period of one year. The position was extended beyond 2011, but will come to an end after July 2013.
WDBP is recognised as a good example of the public, private and voluntary sectors working together to deliver a valuable product. Best Practice will now enter a new phase of development, with new responsibilities, where SNH builds on the success of WDBP to develop the approach across wider wildlife management. The extent of this project is still to be fully scoped.
It is expected that this work will be lead by SNH, with a nominated officer within the Rural Resources Unit. SNH anticipates that this work will comprise a full time post with the post holder leading the WDBP work as well as this wider wildlife management best practice programme.
In the meantime:

The work on the remaining Guides will continue, with the Deer Code related guides on Welfare and Economics being completed by the end of calendar year 2013.
A programme of WDBP events is being developed for 2013/14, on a similar scale to the 2012/13 programme. This programme will be developed in partnership, with focus on events in the urban environment and events to promote the Deer Code. WDBP will continue to target the agriculture and crofting sector, along with building capacity within Deer Management Groups.
This ongoing work will be co-ordinated by a named project officer from the SNH, Rural Resources Unit, following Mike Cottam’s departure. This work will continue to be supported by staff in the Wildlife Operations & Rural Resources Units.